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Kairaba Beach Hotel Gambia

Gambia is a country located in West Africa, surrounded by Senegal and the mouth of its river with the same name.

In this magnificent country you can enjoy unique and unspoilt landscapes in which you can relax and enjoy some days you will not forget.


Capital of Gambia located at the mouth of the river and in which you can not miss the National Museum, a visit in which you will understand the history and culture of this country. You can also visit the King Fahad Mosque and the Cathedral.

In addition, at the edge of the river you can find a market where you will immerse yourself in the local culture.

Niumi National Park

Located in Barra, here you can enjoy of the landscape thanks to the spectacular mangroves and beaches. The habitat of the mangrove stands out for being composed of crocodiles, leopards, turtles or manatees.

South coast

Here you will enjoy the famous crocodile lagoon Kachikally, the Bakau Market, the National Park of Bijilo, where you can admire a large population of monkeys, or the Natural Reserve of Tanji, ideal for bird watching.

Wassu Stone Circles

This Megalithic site is very close to the city of Kuntaur. It is one of the most important in North Africa and has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.